Collaborate. Innovate. Advance.

About Us:

Since 2011, Roosevelt Strategic Council has convened the most senior and respected leaders in business, technology and government to collaborate and examine the next generation of challenges transforming global enterprises.

With 30+ events yearly across our practice areas, RSC has developed a highly vetted network of end-users, solution-providers, and field experts to contribute their unique perspective and insights to change business operations.

Our Values/Mission/Goal

Our value proposition to Business, PPP’s, Federal Government, NGOs, Academia, and Corporate clients is rooted in the comprehensive approach we take to the interrelated challenges our clients face across the spectrum.
Our team is built upon years of professional expertise towards understanding the complex terrain of business, economic and political affairs. Our mission is to be continually recognized as both a thought leader and a reliable, trustworthy, operating partner.

Upcoming Events:

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Dates: October 3-4, 2023

Location: National Harbor, Maryland

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Dates: November 8-9, 2023

Location: National Harbor, Maryland

Our Services

Bespoke Services

RSC is proud to offer you our Custom Event Services: Summits and Symposia, tailored made around a topic or business line of focus for you, designed to elevate your companies place as a Thought Leader and Senior Solutions Provider.

Town Hall Events

Most conferences today have attendees with varying seniority and divergent goals. RSC summits and symposia are educationally shaped with discussion-based content driven by you in our townhall format.

White Papers

The RSC team specializes in the research and development of mission critical business intelligence to take data to decision. Our unbiased approach allows us to reach across all facilities and organizations to bring together a truly holistic group of decision makers and solution providers. 

Our framework and understanding take complex challenges and disseminate information of top tier solutions.

Strategic Consulting

Having a top tier solution is great. But how do you get it in front of the RIGHT people? RSC specializes in working with both start-up and established companies who desire to sell their products and services into the federal government and commercial markets.