About Us

Since 2011, Roosevelt Strategic Council has convened the most senior and respected leaders in business, technology and government to collaborate and examine the next generation of challenges transforming global enterprises.

In each of our practice areas, RSC has developed a highly vetted network of end-users, solution-providers, and field experts to contribute their unique perspective and insights to change business operations.

The RSC summit forum is a proven form of advancing communication, enhancing discussion and debate, and fostering new partnerships amongst the various actors involved in any given mission. As the neutral voice that is not guided by the particular agenda of any given agent, we are able to reach across all organizations in a fair and balanced manner and bring together the relevant representatives while forming lasting and trusting relationships with them.

Animated by the values and guiding principles of RSC, our vision is to continually be the United States’ most dynamic and ethical Institute to the business, healthcare and energy communities; recognized by government, and private industry as both a thought leader and a reliable, trustworthy, value oriented operating partner. We strive to deliver mission relevant educational summits, seminars, and symposiums to the respective departments, agencies, and business leaders in order to help them achieve effective and efficient mission success.

Who We Are...

We are a Woman Owned / Minority Owned Small Business. Included in our team are professionals in international business negotiations, former Congressional staffers and Veterans of the Armed Services, professional symposium producers, and a variety of other professional backgrounds that, when combined, form a truly holistic operating team.


RSC 's Three Founding Partners

Tom Engelman, Monica Mckenzie and Luis Hernandez

Our Sister Organization

Defense Strategies Institute

RSC owns and operates Defense Strategies Institute. DSI is our major brand reaching US Government, National Security, and Public Policy practice areas.

DSI is a premier non-partisan Institute designed to assist in advancing the mission critical goals of the United States' Military and Government. Through our high level educational training summits and symposiums we are able to reach across all offices and departments in a fair and balanced manner. We bring together the mission relevant representatives in our neutral “Town Hall” forums in order to foster the necessary discussions and debates to help them achieve efficient and effective mission success.

Corporate Culture

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion. Learn More Here.