At Roosevelt Strategic Council, we understand the importance of fostering dialogue that extends beyond our events. We recognize that our customers, partners, and attendees come from diverse backgrounds and experiences, and we believe that incorporating a wide range of perspectives is essential to driving innovation and achieving meaningful outcomes.

We are dedicated to ensuring that our programs represent the voices of not only established leaders within their respective industries but also those who have historically been underserved, overlooked, and marginalized. We celebrate the diversity of life experiences, which leads to stronger partnerships and better outcomes for all sectors. To fulfill this commitment, RSC will continue to organize conferences that embrace the viewpoints of both traditional voices and emerging leaders from historically sidelined groups.

When organizations choose to partner with, attend, or sponsor a Roosevelt Strategic Council program, they can have confidence that they are engaging in a forum that prioritizes respect, open collaboration, and effective communication. We strive to create an environment where all individuals feel valued, heard, and included.

Internally, at RSC, we foster a diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplace, and we take pride in being an equal opportunity employer. We believe that a diverse workforce enhances creativity, innovation, and problem-solving capabilities, leading to a stronger and more successful organization.

As we embark on this renewed commitment to DEI, Roosevelt Strategic Council looks forward to continuing to serve as catalysts for meaningful conversations and collaborations that shape the future of the defense, national security, and energy industries.