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November 29 – 30, 2022 | AIA National HQ, Washington, D.C.

"Improving Energy Efficiency, Resiliency and Environmental Sustainability with DERs and Microgrids” 

A highly curated forum where energy stakeholders who are bold leaders and innovators from federal, public and private sector C&I facilities, campuses and installations, utilities, and industry come together to spark new ideas and forge the path towards a more efficient, clean and resilient national energy ecosystem.


The selective speaker faculty and detailed agenda is meticulously designed to ensure the best return on your time and investment.
Two full days of over 16 plenary sessions (no tracks!), 5 hours of dedicated networking and live technology and solution demonstrations onsite.

Previous RSC Summit Series Speakers have Included (in their role as):


The Honorable Alex Beehler

Assistant Secretary of the Army

(Installations, Energy and Environment)



Thomas Fanning

Chairman, CEO & President,

Southern Company



Lee Dunfee

Managing Director,

Engineering Operations,

Cushman & Wakefield


Larsh Johnson




The Hon John Henderson copy

The Honorable John W. Henderson

Assistant Secretary of the Air force.

Installations, Environment

and Energy, USAF


Terence R. Donnelly

President and COO,




Carol Dooney

Senior Director,

Design and Construction

Howard Hughes Corporation


Jason Christman

Vice President,

Chief Product Security Officer,

Johnson Controls




Monica Mckenzie

Senior Partner,

Roosevelt Strategic Council



Kevin Kampschroer

Chief Sustainability Officer; Director

office of Federal High-Performance

Buildings, US. GSA


DV Rao,

SVP, Strategy,

CMS Energy



David Kang

Vice Chancellor for

Infrastructure and Sustainability,

University of Colorado, Boulder


Jennifer Hill

Head of M&A Strategy &

Execution / Managing Director,





Luis Hernandez

Senior Partner,

Roosevelt Strategic Council



Jennifer Groman

(in the role of)

Chief, Facilities Engineering,



Gurdeep Kaur,





Ken Shultes,

Associate Vice President for

Sustainability and Facilities Planning,

Dickinson College


Dr. Saifur Rahman

Joseph R. Loring Professor;

Director, Advanced Research

Institute, Virginia Tech

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Why Should you Attend the Summit:

RSC Summits are built on the foundation that great ideas and collaboration can occur when people with diverse expertise who may not work together on a daily basis, come together around a common challenge.

With the core focus on driving the integration of DERs into our energy ecosystems at the commercial, industrial, institutional facility and campus level and the larger grid infrastructure, you will walk away after two days with new knowledge gained on business and strategic operations and innovation, ideas sparked, and new collaborative relationships formed to support your respective organization.

As the opportunity for American leadership in climate innovation is vast, the Biden- Harris Administration is outlining key planks of an agenda including but not limited to:

-The National Building Performance Standards Coalition, announced by the White House on Jan. 21, 2022 to support over 300,000 buildings within the federal government portfolio including decarbonization goals which can be achieved through greater use of DERs

-The new National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program will allocate nearly $5 billion over the next five years to build and upgrade this essential infrastructure. An initial $615 million will be made available to states in Fiscal Year 2022

FERC order 2222 is helping to open wholesale markets to Distributed Resources

Critical facilities, from Military Installations to Hospitals, are turning to more onsite generation and storage to counter the increasing grid disruptions and to ensure resilient and reliable power.

C&I Facilities are increasing ESG goals and moving towards a decarbonized / net zero built environment. For many, the solution lies with integrating more onsite and offsite distributed generation and storage that is low carbon and sustainable.

Higher Education and large Institutional Campuses have long served as case studies towards onsite generation. As many move to increased levels of renewables, with some setting the benchmark at 100% renewable, along with the integration of EV charging, how will they manage these assets?

All these topics and more will be discussed and by joining us, you can engage in an interchange of ideas, expand your professional network of colleagues, customers, and clients with a diverse group, showcase your organizations innovations and walkaway with actionable takeaways.


2022 Summit Key Focus Areas to Include:

  • Innovations in Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) to support greater DERs integration and how to connect new DERS to current systems

  • On site generation and storage for your facility: Best practices for integrating battery storage, building-integrated photovoltaics (PV),microgrids, EV charging stations and more

  • Microgrids: capabilities for industrial and supply chain facilities, DoD installations, healthcare facilities, EV charging and the grid

  • Grid connection capacity management and market access : what does the underlying control and communication systems need to include? What do you need to know about VPPs?

  • DERMS and supporting digital capabilities for managing DERs behind and in front of the meter: Supporting advanced data analytics for optimizing DER management at the facility and grid level

  • Utility operational and business cases for integrating DERs in front of and behind the meter to meet customer demand: including current regulatory landscape

  • Innovations in microgrid controllers: intelligent software for load prediction, management and enabling optimal cooperation among DERS

  • Cyber security and resilience for IT/OT systems

  • Micro nuclear reactors, battery storage innovation and more!

Technical Topics:


Gain Education & Insight

For Large Energy Consumers in the Built Environment, you will walk away with knowledge gained towards how to improve your facilities’ energy efficiencies, resiliency and environmental sustainability through integrating DERs and microgrids.

For Utilities, you will gain insight towards evolving technologies, policy and procedure for supporting a distributed energy infrastructure for our Nation

For Industry, you will learn what your current and potential customers and partners need from you!

Build Partnerships

Meet new customers, partners and clients! The Summit is designed to bring together a diverse group of senior stakeholders from across the built environment, the grid, and industry solution providers who do not necessarily engage on a daily basis in order to build new professional networks and expand collaboration.

Ample Networking and Interactive Sessions allow all in attendance to interact in meaningful and beneficial ways throughout the Summit


Share your own insight and knowledge during our interactive sessions. Designed as an interactive ‘Town Hall’ forum, all attendees are encouraged to engage in dialogue and discussion with each other and the speakers during each session.

Industry: Sponsor, Exhibit or Attend in order to showcase your capabilities to a variety of potential customers and partners and help influence the path forward towards a connected and distributed energy ecosystem!

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