Facilities & Campus Energy North America Summit

Attendee Profile:

Stakeholders Include:
Senior Corporate and Engineering Leaders of Commercial and Institutional Facilities and Campuses from the Federal, State and Private Sectors
CFO, Vice President of Facility Management
Vice President, Energy and Sustainability
Chief Sustainability Officer / Corporate Sustainability Group
Executive Director Facility Management
Chief Energy Engineer
Portfolio Energy Managers
Federal Facilities Manager /DPW
ESCO Manager
Facilities Project Services
Certified Sustainable Development Professionals (CSDPs)
Certified Carbon Reduction Managers (CRMs)

Industry Solution Providers :
Energy Service Performance Managers
Energy Efficiency Consultants
Project Engineers
Resource Efficiency Managers (REMs)
Certified Energy Auditors (CEAs)
Certified Building Commissioning Professionals (CBCPs)
Certified Energy Procurement Professionals (CEPs)
Certified Lighting Efficiency Professionals (CLEPs)
Design, Construction and Engineering Services
Energy consulting and contracting
Business Development and Partnerships

With Technologies in:
Advanced data driven Energy Management Systems
Commissioning and Fault Detection
HVAC systems and controls
Lighting products and controls
Water management
DERS : battery storage, fuel cells, building-integrated photovoltaics (PV), microgrids, CHP, EV charging, including solar and wind through PPA
Data Management and Analytics
IoT Sensors
Tools for designing and constructing new build with limited carbon emissions