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 2024 Main Sectors Include:

Higher Education  |  Federal Facilities  |  Healthcare & Hospitals  |  Life Sciences

Attendee Profile:

Stakeholders Include:

  • SVP, Real Estate, Facilities and Operations
  • CFO
  • Vice President of Facility Management
  • SVP, Facilities & Support Services
  • Vice President, Energy and Sustainability
  • Chief Sustainability Officer / Corporate Sustainability Group
  • Executive Director Construction, Facility Management
  • Executive Director of Planned Maintenance & Engineering
  • Chief Energy Engineer
  • Portfolio Energy Managers
  • Federal Facilities Director
  • ESCO Manager

Industry Solution Providers Specializing In:

  • Architectural, Engineering and Construction Services
  • Facility and Energy Management Services
  • Energy Service Performance Management
  • Financing (funding energy efficiency, sustainability and resiliency projects in built environments)
  • Energy Efficiency Consulting / Auditing
  • Project Engineering
  • Resource Efficiency Management
  • Commissioning
  • Cyber Security

Technologies / Capabilities in:

  • Building automation and supporting IT software systems including:
    • carbon measurement, cyber security, control systems, data management and analytics
  • EV charging infrastructure
  • Heat pumps, onsite storage, building-integrated photovoltaics (PV), microgrids
  • CHP, HVAC systems, lighting products and IAQ
  • Water Management
  • Commissioning and Fault Detection
  • Water management
  • Data Management and Analytics
  • Tools for designing and constructing new build with limited carbon emissions
  • Tools for decision-making on retrofit vs. reuse and new build
  • and much more!