Next Iteration: August 19 & 20, 2020 | Alexandria, VA

Available Agenda & Website Information Reflects Our 2019 Event. 

Dates: SEPTEMBER 17-18, 2019

The Mary M. Gates Learning Center, Alexandria, VA (10 minutes from D.C.)

"Creating a Dynamic, Resilient and Sustainable Energy Future"

The 2019 Summit is a senior level educational forum. It will focus on the technical capabilities and innovations that are allowing for the increased integration and penetration of DERS, storage and microgrid projects into our national energy infrastructure.

Equally, the Summit will also serve as a conduit for developing the strategic business models and use cases  while discussing the current regulatory and market landscape.

Over 30 Diverse Senior Speakers Confirmed Including: 

Bruce J. Walker
Mr. Bruce Walker
Assistant Secretary, Office of Electricity, U.S. Department of Energy
Mr. James Balocki
Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy, (Installations and Facilities)
Mr. DV Rao
Senior Vice President, Strategy, CMS Energy Corporation & Consumers Energy
Mr. Douglas McMahon
Vice President, Corporate Strategy, NYPA
Mr. Jigar Shah
President and Co-Founder, Generate Capital
Gurdeep PSEG
Ms. Gurdeep Kaur
Chief Information Security Officer, PSEG Corporation
Dr. Lance Hansen SES Portrait
Dr. Lance Hansen, SES
Director, CERL, U.S. Army Research and Development Center
Mr. Rick Welton
Senior Director of Distribution Planning and Operations, Ameren


Mr. Upendra Chivukula
Commissioner, N.J. Board of Public Utilities
Kevin Kampschroer_cropped
Mr. Kevin Kampschroer
Chief Sustainability Officer and Director, Office of Federal High-Performance Buildings, U.S. General Services Administration (GSA)
Dr. Babak Enayati
Manager, Technology Deployment, National Grid


Speakes backman
Ms. Kelly Speakes- Backman
CEO, Energy Storage Association
Wright Engie Storage
Mr. Walker Wright
Vice President, Public Policy, ENGIE Storage
Mr. Scott Aaronson
Vice President, Security and Preparedness, Edison Electric Institute (EEI)
Mr. Jim Spiers
SVP  Business and Technology Strategies, NRECA
Mr. Paul Toub Jr.
Operations Specialist, PPL Utilities


Mr. Evan Pittman
Vice President, Commercialization and Innovation , Energy Impact Partners
Dr. Venkat Srinivasan
Deputy Director, R&D, Joint Center for Energy Storage Research, Argonne National Laboratory
Johnson Stem
Mr. Larsh Johnson
CTO, Stem
kzitelman profile
Ms. Kiera Zitelman
Senior Manager,Center for Partnerships & Innovation, NARUC
Mr. Bruce Movahedi
Chief Electrical Engineer, CoP Lead, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Headquarters, Washington D.C.
Mr.Bud Vos
President and CEO, Enbala
Evanich_Chris 2017 Portrait
Mr. Chris Evanich
Manager, Microgrids, S&C Electric Company
Mr. Bill Eger
Energy Manager, City of Alexandria, VA

What attendees are saying:

"...a top notch program with a high caliber, diverse audience. The conference serves a worthy purpose to educate all of us to better serve our nation with reliable electric power."Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc

"...outstanding conference. I really like your focus to bringing people with diverse, but relevant backgrounds, together to address common issues." - Technical Executive, EPRI

"...a superb program.  I have been attending utility/energy sessions, of widely varying sizes, for over 35 years.  Your work ranks with the best I have experienced."District of Columbia, Department of Energy and Environment

"I very much enjoyed the event. Compliments to you on organizing… very well done indeed." - Manager, Duke Energy

"I enjoyed the Summit. It was well organized and pertinent to the topics." - Manager, LADWP

"...exceptional professionalism. I very much enjoyed the level of engagement by your attendees...Thank you for the opportunity to conduct what we call “Knowledge Transfer”- Director, UCSD

room 101
panel 1

Sample of participating organizations from the last summit:


  • Sample of leading utilities in attendance : Duke Energy,  Southern Company, Dominion Energy, American Electric Power, EDF Energy,  Ameren, ConEd, National Grid, AES, TVA, ComEd, LADWP, SCE, HECO, Exelon Corp.
  • Sample of  military organizations in attendance at 2018 EAST Summit: CERDEC, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers,  ARL, ASN(RD&A ), Commander, Navy Installations Command, Air National Guard, USCG Shore Infrastructure Logistics Center, Marine Corps Installations Command, USAF, office of OASD, Energy, Installations & Environment , office of Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Energy, Installations, and Environment;  office of U.S. Army (OEI), NAVFAC HQ Public Works (PW), U.S. Army ERDC
  • Sample of federal and state government agencies and non profit organizations in attendance: FERC ; FEMP, DOE; D.C. Department of Energy & Environment;  U.S House of Representatives ; US Department of Justice; Port Authority of NY & NJ; EPA, Cyber Division/ FBI ; PJM Interconnection, Edison Electric Institute, MIT, NRECA, Washington State Legislature, NERC
  • Sample of industry and innovation organizations in attendance at 2018 EAST included: Amersco, The Roosevelt Group, Siemens, ABB,  Emera Technologies, Edison Electric Institute, EnerNex, Honda R & D Americas, S & C Electric Company, Schneider Electric, Blue Pillar, Eaton Corporation, Go Electric Inc., Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, RMF Engineering, GE Grid Solutions 

Key titles include:

C-level executives and Directors charged with  strategic planning and performance management 
Grid or market operators
• Transmission system operators
• System integrators and consultants
• Smart grid technology and software developers
• Regulators and public policy makers
• Emerging load technologies representatives

Specific fields include:
• Investor-owned, municipal, and co-op utility professionals
• Utility executives, network planners and engineers
• Microgrid project developers, owners and entrepreneurs
• Solar, PV, wind power, biogas, CHP, and renewable energy companies
• Power control systems and software developers
• Systems integrators
• Battery suppliers and energy storage companies
• Communications, and power control solutions providers
• Regulators and public policy professionals 
• Financial and VC professionals

2019 Summit Key Focus Areas to Include:

Technical Topics

  • Capabilities needed from a distributed energy resource management system (DERMS)

  • Energy storage technical advancements

  • Current resources for developing efficient onsite power generation and distribution capabilities

  • Developing an interconnected microgrid network ; utilizing VPP in large -scale applications, and the supporting software defined networks

  • Cyber resilient microgrid control systems

  • Cloud computing, remote connectivity, and visibility of the edge: where to store your data?

  • Real time remote monitoring advancements and machine learning capabilities

Business Models, Use Cases and Regulatory Affairs

  • Emerging U.S. military strategies and Federal use cases for enhancing energy security and resiliency through increased use of  microgrids and DERs

  • Evolving business models  for integrating  microgrids and DERS into the Grid

  • Strategies and  business models with energy storage

  • The Regulatory landscape towards microgrids and DERS integration into the Grid, including data governance

  • The role for DERS and microgrids in emerging smart cities

Why Attend:

  • RSC professional forums offer you the rare opportunity to truly partake in senior level, in depth dialogue and discussions towards the topics at hand.

  • We bring together a diverse group of leaders, innovators, implementers and end-users to engage in two days of detailed, moderated plenary and panel discussions that are driven by actionable take aways for all in attendance.

  • Seating is limited! Our forum invokes the feel of a ‘Town Hall’ format (round table seating), where you are offered the ability to help shape the topics at hand by offering your perspective, ideas and questions during the sessions.

  • Ample networking time is built in to both days to allow for you to meet and engage all in attendance in an efficient and effective manner.

  • Join us and walk away with knowledge gained,  and collaborations established as leaders in the  community come together to build out the near future of microgrids and DERS.

networking 2

Several Supports and Sponsors of the Summit Include: