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2024 Main Sectors of Owners/Operators to Include:

Higher Education Campuses

Healthcare Systems and Hospitals

Federal Facility Campuses

Corporate Campuses / Large Buildings

With titles including but not limited to:

SVP/ VP, Real Estate, Design, and Construction

Vice President, Energy and Sustainability

SVP / VP Facilities Management & Services

VP / Executive Director Operations and Maintenance

Director of Utilities and Energy Management

Director, Energy Engineering


Industry Solution Providers Specializing In:

Building and Energy Management Systems

Data Capture and IT/OT interoperability

Architectural, Engineering and Construction Services

Facility and Energy Management Services

Master Systems integration

Net Zero Energy & Carbon management and accounting technologies

Data Science, Data Analytics, Architecture, Modeling & Governance

Retro - commissioning

Data Analytics / FDD

DERs integration

OT/IT Cyber Security

IoT Sensors for Energy and Occupancy

Project Engineering

DER management systems

HVAC and Lighting

and much more!