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At RSC we consider our sponsors as our partners. Our goal is to provide you with an experience that is custom designed to meet your organization’s goals. To this end, we value your input and expertise and will work closely with you to create a sponsorship campaign that is tailor made for your business needs.

Our offerings are limited and several are exclusive by design. This allows our sponsors and exhibitors the most beneficial onsite experience. We offer thought leadership roles and live product demonstrations as well as networking break sponsorships. Our team of experts will also work closely with you in audience development in order to help frame our delegate attendance to match your organization’s needs.

Sponsored Speaking Opportunities

Our summit has reserved a limited number of open speaking sessions available as part of a sponsorship role. Please note, these sessions must be accompanied by a either a Gold sponsorship (10 minute "Tech Talk") or our Platinum sponsorship (30-minute main agenda session or panel). All sponsorships come with full registration passes to attend the event as well.

We encourage those that have a recent powerful case study to share, emerging innovative capability or stimulating strategic discussion to offer. All sessions are pre-approved for educational & business value and content. For further information or additional questions contact: 

Monica McKenzie | | 917.435.1266